Jessica Lucy, a paranoid psychotic and quite oftenpissed 23 year old from Essex, England. I prefer dogs to humans and prefer being outdoors to indoors.

Paranoid – I suppose I blame anxiety for this, F*CK YOU ANXIETY! (and men)

 Psychotic – I genuinely blame men for this one, oh and possibly my job. I work in social media and therefore have a lot, A LOT of time and skills and programmes and technology and knowledge to know where your aunty Susan went on holiday in 1987 with your Uncle Phil who sadly passed away 17 years, RIP Phil ❤ You get the point. My ‘investigating skills’ are unreal, I have even managed to earn the title of #TopSnooper

Pissed – Like most young ladies out there I feel that the best way to deal with any situation is to drink wine and dance like a hoe. Crying, shouting, drunk snapchats and embarrassing calls/texts usually follow.

I’m Jess, and I’m horrendous at writing however hopefully you will learn from my mistakes and we can all have a giggle at my expense. And if no one reads this, it’s a memory bank which I can look back at in years to come.


J xxxxxx

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