Always be thankful

So recently when I was in Greece as mentioned we received some sad and shocking news, I’m hoping I will get to a point where I’m ready to write about it. However what it has reminded me is that life is short and that we should appreciate and enjoy every single day of our life. Too much of the time we think about what we don’t have and what we want to have. Life is a blessing, we should be grateful for every day we are blessed with. You could speak with someone daily or not speak with someone for years however if anything was to happen it is still able to hurt, hurt a lot. 

Over the weekend we had our old next door neighbours visit us. Kris and Mark moved 6 months ago, they were the best neighbours we’ve ever had. Me, mum, Kris and Mark could polish off 8-10 bottles of prosecco in an evening!!! Impressive!

Ahhhh I miss them.

Anyway we had a lovely day, the sun come out.

They brought 3 of the furbabies,
L-R: My baby Tarn 8, Marlene 8 months, Pippin 9 and LuLu 10. 

Tarn was happy to have some company 🙂

Appreciate life!

J x


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