I’m a mum!!

I feel like I need to discuss the fact that I’m a mother! I have an 8 year old. He’s amazing. He makes me smile and laugh every single day of the week without fail. He is however hard work, kids require a lot of love and attention, they’re also incredibly expensive.

This is Tarn, he’s 8 years old, I adopted him 7 years ago from Battersea Dogs and Cats home. He’s a Border Collie x German Shepherd.

Tarn had been left to die on the streets of London as a 6 month old pup. They believe he had been hit by a motorbike and been knifed twice. Battersea struggled to re-home him as I’m sure you can imagine he had many issues…he still does. Tarn was a week away from being put to sleep when we first met him as he was so stressed and struggling with kennel life.Everyday I am so thankful that that morning we decided to visit Battersea. It just makes me sad to think how many healthy amazing dogs are put to sleep and not given a chance because of that reason.

Let me tell you more about my little boy!

My mum
My dad
Chasing squirrels
SantaPaws (his Santa teddy)
Being photographed

The notification sound phones make
Shut doors
The postman


All I ask to anyone looking to get a dog. Be 10000% sure you are fully committed. Puppies are cute however many people get bored and can’t handle fully grown dogs. Dogs end up in a rescue centre, their owners assuming their dog will he re-homed. They probably won’t. Like yourself, people don’t want fully grown dogs. The dog won’t be re-homed, he will be put down.

Anyway rant over.

This is my Tarn and he is genuinely my bestest friend in the entire world!

J x


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