Greebo days

As I’m seeing Busted this month (crazy fan) I decided to get the old Spotify on the go to listen to some fantastic yet forgotten bands which got me through my teenage years.

Back in the day I was a bit of what I like to call a Greebo (Grunger/Emo) and loved Indie/Rock sort of music. Deep down I still do.

(Who likes the fringe and fingerless goth gloves – pretty cool eh!)

So I went in search of my old favourite bands:

Good Charlotte
My Chemical Romance
Green Day
Panic! At the disco
Fall out boy
Blink 182
Goo Goo dolls
The Fray
The Calling

Once upon a time I would have listened to these bands, their music and lyrics would have meant something very different to what they mean now. I think about ‘back in the day’ I wanted to feel sad, I wanted this music to mean something netgative. Now, I just smile and enjoy the music. I try not to think about that very low point in my life where this music felt like my entire life was explained in a song.

Have a lovely weekend all.

J x


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