#TopSnooper – PART 1

I am so incredibly proud of my #TopSnooper title. It started as a bit of a joke between our friendship group that I was the go-to person if anyone needed information on someone. However it has become like a genuine job title.

Job Description: CATCH OUT LIARS

I suppose the #TopSnooper series will be many of my stories which has earnt me this tittle. So this is where it all began….

Myself and my best friend Katie, otherwise known as Killer (a story for another day) were ‘seeing’ these two guys who were also best friends. We would spend most Friday and Saturday nights driving around with them, eating McDonalds, down our local Slug and Lettuce bar or usually down our local nightclub, the place to be in Essex FACES!  At the time we were in there so often we would walk straight to the front of the queue, was greeted by the bouncers and manager of the club with a kiss on each cheek and hurried straight into the club to our table where we drank way to much expensive vodka, ahhh we were living the dream.

Anyway one Saturday evening the boys were far too busy at a family fancy dress party to spend the evening with us…. Obviously being girls we thought the worst. They were seeing other girls, they never wanted to see us again, they were lying, they had left the country OR the worst possibility was that they were at Faces without us. Praise the lord this wasn’t the case.

All we knew was that this party was at a friend’s house which we had driven past once when we were rather drunk (obviously we wasn’t driving) so what does any normal person do? Go looking for them! So, we had a 6 square mile area to work with, with limited memories which included….

No.1 The house was massive
No.2 The driveway was on a slope
No.3 There was a brick wall which ran parallel with the road
No.4 Their friend drove a black Range-Rover

Oh god.

We drove up and down every single road within that town in hope that we spot a massive house, with a sloped driveway with a Range parked on it which also had a wall which ran parallel with the road


3 hours later we still haven’t found the house. So, to Facebook we go trying to find some more clues possibly even maybe a picture of the house. No Luck. Searched twitter for again any clues. A couple of clues found, one being their friend also had a swimming pool. Right, Instagram! Instagram has this fantastic feature which means you can click on peoples tagged photo locations.

Using this information and the knowledge we already had, Google maps then come into play. Our trusty good old friend the Google Maps man then helped us!

An hour later (it’s now pitch black) and I’m diving up this small country steep lane. All of a sudden directly in front of us in the middle of the road there are a bunch of drunken lads dressed in fancy dress falling all over the place, oh my god it’s them. WE HAVE FOUND THEM! Now anyone who knows me, knows my car. My number plate spells my name….we have to stay undercover…..

The only thing to do is turn off my lights off and pull into someone’s drive. We sit there for half an hour. I think we have got away with it. We haven’t been caught!

Once we know the coast is clear, I reverse out of this person’s house and continue to drive up this road. At the end of the day we wouldn’t be fully satisfied until we are 100% sure on the house (we may need to know for the future!!!)

Basically we found the house and we saw the lads so their story adds up.

I dropped Killer home, drove myself home and had a fantastic sleep feeling very smug and chuffed with myself.

J x
(Top Snoop)



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