Friday the 13th

Surly nothing can go wrong today! I broke my phone yesterday and I don’t even know how.

I spent my morning commute into Central London applying my makeup whilst watching BBC iplayer. Yes I am the girl on the Victoria line applying a face full of makeup every morning. Don’t judge. The sun is shining and I’m enjoying my morning walk from the station to the office, my headphones in and I’m listening to Spotify. Usual morning routine is going well, I’m peckish so I stop in Sainsbury’s to pick up a Pain au chocolat, need to stop that. Turned the corner, 100m from the office, I glance at my phone and

I literally have tears in my eyes thinking about it.

Straight away I get on the phone to Apple. I need to see a genius. Book an appointment for 11:10 in Covent Garden (10 mins from the office) and I now have 2 hour wait without a phone. FML.

LONG STORY SHORT Apple wouldn’t touch my phone as I had a dodgy man once fit a new screen on my phone for £50, done within the hour – Apple wanted £170 with a 5 working day turn around so basicalllllyyyyy  as I void the warrantee Apple wouldn’t even look at my phone – w*nkers! My work colleague Alex has a friend who fixes phones so he took my phone home at 6pm, his friend repaired my phone and I had it back by 9pm the same evening!! Now that is what you call service.

I left some skittles and Jelly Babies on Alex’s desk this morning and will definitely be buying him a Double JD and coke!

Fingers crossed I have a good day today and nothing goes wrong.

Happy Friday guys,

J x


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