Cheap and Cheerful


So I’ve just returned from the beautiful Greek island of Corfu. Needing a break me, Kirst, Jack and Robin decided to book a last minute cheap all-inclusive 6 day holiday, buzzing.

We arrived to thunder and lightning storms with a 6 day weather forecast of rain….

(Why not do the rain dance, and the titanic scene)

Anyway, we were very lucky and ended up having 3 beautiful days of sun and no rain. The food was tasty, the drinks were alcoholic, the sun was shining, and I was with 3 of my bestest friends.

It was a rather relaxing week; the 4 of us don’t usually stop (one day I will explain further about our second secret life) we played tennis, lay by the pool, swam, chatted, played cards, ate AND drank a lot! – “YAMAS!” Cheers Costas, you the man.
(couldn’t resit some rude posing with this beautiful lady)

During our rather sophisticated and grown up holiday we had two moments of excitement…

No.1 Jack getting rather drunk and went missing. Lost man drills resulted in running around slightly intoxiated wearing inside out clothing and finding Jack stood on the end of the Jetty telling us about the lightning in the distance and the fact he was going to go for a swim….no Jack you’re not. Bed. Now.

No.2 I think I ate too much on holiday. Giving it large and doing the biggest ‘Cannonnnnn-bombbbbb’ into the pool resulted in hurting my poor foot and breaking the pool…awkward!

I am a people person and I like being around people however I also like to spend time by myself. It was so beautiful sat here looking out to sea, listening to the waves, watching the fishes and being able to think about life and how grateful I am for my life. We all have our issues however there are worse off people than me.

Unfortunately we received some sad news and had to fly home early, however I had a lovely time. Corfu was beautiful and I will definitely return one day.

J,J,K,R x


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