Left on the shelf

I’m so very lucky to say that I have been in love. True, pure, genuine, lovey-dovey, cringey, sickly love. I would call ‘him’ my childhood sweetheart. Our four year relationship was special, it wasn’t always perfect however he was my first and only love. I suppose it still confuses me.

Aged 23, and single for 3 years I actually feel like I’ve been left on the shelf. In one sense I still feel like a spring chicken, as immature as ever, loads of time to meet someone….right? However by 30 I want to be married, house, hot husband, triplets, baby on the way, farm, dogs, ducks, walk in wardrobe, Range Rover, travelled the world…hmmm not as much time as I first thought.

The problems I’ve got….
No.1: actually meeting someone
No.2: giving them a chance and finally
No.3: trusting them.

Sounds simple right? Life isn’t simple….

In conclusion I’m 23 and never going to meet anyone, I’m officially left on the shelf.

(How hot is he ^^^^^^^^^^)

J x



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