The Boss

So for mums birthday I got us tickets to see Bruce Springsteen. Bruce is known as ‘The Boss’ for a reason, he’s a 66 year old American Rockstar who has been absolutely smashing it since the mid 60’s.

(Me & Mum         ///       Me, Hester, Claire, Mum)

Mum and Dad have been massive fans for yeaaaarssss and therefore I have grown up singing along to the likes of ‘Born in the USA’ and ‘Jungle Land.’ When I say they are crazy fans… they genuinely love him. I am even named after his daughter! #ClaimToFame #JessForTheWin

Off we trot to Wembley stadium with the girls (mums girlfriends who have all been seeing Bruce together for the past 30 odd years) treat ourselves to some lunch, a large Pimms and enjoy his amazing 4 hour show (4 hours!!!! with no break!!!!!!!!!!!! HE IS 66!!!!)

(L-R: Hester, Mum, Claire, Gail)

 If you’re living on another planet or just never heard of him before, give him a listen. He is unbelievable. Plus he is amazing looking for his age, mum says he was a right looker back in the day! Alright mum, calm down.

  J x




Well that break was slightly longer than expected.

 Image result for guess whos back gif

I feel like I’m in a good place again, dam you brain and all of your issues!

 What shall we chat about first?

J x


Always be thankful

So recently when I was in Greece as mentioned we received some sad and shocking news, I’m hoping I will get to a point where I’m ready to write about it. However what it has reminded me is that life is short and that we should appreciate and enjoy every single day of our life. Too much of the time we think about what we don’t have and what we want to have. Life is a blessing, we should be grateful for every day we are blessed with. You could speak with someone daily or not speak with someone for years however if anything was to happen it is still able to hurt, hurt a lot. 

Over the weekend we had our old next door neighbours visit us. Kris and Mark moved 6 months ago, they were the best neighbours we’ve ever had. Me, mum, Kris and Mark could polish off 8-10 bottles of prosecco in an evening!!! Impressive!

Ahhhh I miss them.

Anyway we had a lovely day, the sun come out.

They brought 3 of the furbabies,
L-R: My baby Tarn 8, Marlene 8 months, Pippin 9 and LuLu 10. 

Tarn was happy to have some company 🙂

Appreciate life!

J x

I’m a mum!!

I feel like I need to discuss the fact that I’m a mother! I have an 8 year old. He’s amazing. He makes me smile and laugh every single day of the week without fail. He is however hard work, kids require a lot of love and attention, they’re also incredibly expensive.

This is Tarn, he’s 8 years old, I adopted him 7 years ago from Battersea Dogs and Cats home. He’s a Border Collie x German Shepherd.

Tarn had been left to die on the streets of London as a 6 month old pup. They believe he had been hit by a motorbike and been knifed twice. Battersea struggled to re-home him as I’m sure you can imagine he had many issues…he still does. Tarn was a week away from being put to sleep when we first met him as he was so stressed and struggling with kennel life.Everyday I am so thankful that that morning we decided to visit Battersea. It just makes me sad to think how many healthy amazing dogs are put to sleep and not given a chance because of that reason.

Let me tell you more about my little boy!

My mum
My dad
Chasing squirrels
SantaPaws (his Santa teddy)
Being photographed

The notification sound phones make
Shut doors
The postman


All I ask to anyone looking to get a dog. Be 10000% sure you are fully committed. Puppies are cute however many people get bored and can’t handle fully grown dogs. Dogs end up in a rescue centre, their owners assuming their dog will he re-homed. They probably won’t. Like yourself, people don’t want fully grown dogs. The dog won’t be re-homed, he will be put down.

Anyway rant over.

This is my Tarn and he is genuinely my bestest friend in the entire world!

J x

Greebo days

As I’m seeing Busted this month (crazy fan) I decided to get the old Spotify on the go to listen to some fantastic yet forgotten bands which got me through my teenage years.

Back in the day I was a bit of what I like to call a Greebo (Grunger/Emo) and loved Indie/Rock sort of music. Deep down I still do.

(Who likes the fringe and fingerless goth gloves – pretty cool eh!)

So I went in search of my old favourite bands:

Good Charlotte
My Chemical Romance
Green Day
Panic! At the disco
Fall out boy
Blink 182
Goo Goo dolls
The Fray
The Calling

Once upon a time I would have listened to these bands, their music and lyrics would have meant something very different to what they mean now. I think about ‘back in the day’ I wanted to feel sad, I wanted this music to mean something netgative. Now, I just smile and enjoy the music. I try not to think about that very low point in my life where this music felt like my entire life was explained in a song.

Have a lovely weekend all.

J x

Friday the 13th

Surly nothing can go wrong today! I broke my phone yesterday and I don’t even know how.

I spent my morning commute into Central London applying my makeup whilst watching BBC iplayer. Yes I am the girl on the Victoria line applying a face full of makeup every morning. Don’t judge. The sun is shining and I’m enjoying my morning walk from the station to the office, my headphones in and I’m listening to Spotify. Usual morning routine is going well, I’m peckish so I stop in Sainsbury’s to pick up a Pain au chocolat, need to stop that. Turned the corner, 100m from the office, I glance at my phone and

I literally have tears in my eyes thinking about it.

Straight away I get on the phone to Apple. I need to see a genius. Book an appointment for 11:10 in Covent Garden (10 mins from the office) and I now have 2 hour wait without a phone. FML.

LONG STORY SHORT Apple wouldn’t touch my phone as I had a dodgy man once fit a new screen on my phone for £50, done within the hour – Apple wanted £170 with a 5 working day turn around so basicalllllyyyyy  as I void the warrantee Apple wouldn’t even look at my phone – w*nkers! My work colleague Alex has a friend who fixes phones so he took my phone home at 6pm, his friend repaired my phone and I had it back by 9pm the same evening!! Now that is what you call service.

I left some skittles and Jelly Babies on Alex’s desk this morning and will definitely be buying him a Double JD and coke!

Fingers crossed I have a good day today and nothing goes wrong.

Happy Friday guys,

J x

#TopSnooper – PART 1

I am so incredibly proud of my #TopSnooper title. It started as a bit of a joke between our friendship group that I was the go-to person if anyone needed information on someone. However it has become like a genuine job title.

Job Description: CATCH OUT LIARS

I suppose the #TopSnooper series will be many of my stories which has earnt me this tittle. So this is where it all began….

Myself and my best friend Katie, otherwise known as Killer (a story for another day) were ‘seeing’ these two guys who were also best friends. We would spend most Friday and Saturday nights driving around with them, eating McDonalds, down our local Slug and Lettuce bar or usually down our local nightclub, the place to be in Essex FACES!  At the time we were in there so often we would walk straight to the front of the queue, was greeted by the bouncers and manager of the club with a kiss on each cheek and hurried straight into the club to our table where we drank way to much expensive vodka, ahhh we were living the dream.

Anyway one Saturday evening the boys were far too busy at a family fancy dress party to spend the evening with us…. Obviously being girls we thought the worst. They were seeing other girls, they never wanted to see us again, they were lying, they had left the country OR the worst possibility was that they were at Faces without us. Praise the lord this wasn’t the case.

All we knew was that this party was at a friend’s house which we had driven past once when we were rather drunk (obviously we wasn’t driving) so what does any normal person do? Go looking for them! So, we had a 6 square mile area to work with, with limited memories which included….

No.1 The house was massive
No.2 The driveway was on a slope
No.3 There was a brick wall which ran parallel with the road
No.4 Their friend drove a black Range-Rover

Oh god.

We drove up and down every single road within that town in hope that we spot a massive house, with a sloped driveway with a Range parked on it which also had a wall which ran parallel with the road


3 hours later we still haven’t found the house. So, to Facebook we go trying to find some more clues possibly even maybe a picture of the house. No Luck. Searched twitter for again any clues. A couple of clues found, one being their friend also had a swimming pool. Right, Instagram! Instagram has this fantastic feature which means you can click on peoples tagged photo locations.

Using this information and the knowledge we already had, Google maps then come into play. Our trusty good old friend the Google Maps man then helped us!

An hour later (it’s now pitch black) and I’m diving up this small country steep lane. All of a sudden directly in front of us in the middle of the road there are a bunch of drunken lads dressed in fancy dress falling all over the place, oh my god it’s them. WE HAVE FOUND THEM! Now anyone who knows me, knows my car. My number plate spells my name….we have to stay undercover…..

The only thing to do is turn off my lights off and pull into someone’s drive. We sit there for half an hour. I think we have got away with it. We haven’t been caught!

Once we know the coast is clear, I reverse out of this person’s house and continue to drive up this road. At the end of the day we wouldn’t be fully satisfied until we are 100% sure on the house (we may need to know for the future!!!)

Basically we found the house and we saw the lads so their story adds up.

I dropped Killer home, drove myself home and had a fantastic sleep feeling very smug and chuffed with myself.

J x
(Top Snoop)


Cheap and Cheerful


So I’ve just returned from the beautiful Greek island of Corfu. Needing a break me, Kirst, Jack and Robin decided to book a last minute cheap all-inclusive 6 day holiday, buzzing.

We arrived to thunder and lightning storms with a 6 day weather forecast of rain….

(Why not do the rain dance, and the titanic scene)

Anyway, we were very lucky and ended up having 3 beautiful days of sun and no rain. The food was tasty, the drinks were alcoholic, the sun was shining, and I was with 3 of my bestest friends.

It was a rather relaxing week; the 4 of us don’t usually stop (one day I will explain further about our second secret life) we played tennis, lay by the pool, swam, chatted, played cards, ate AND drank a lot! – “YAMAS!” Cheers Costas, you the man.
(couldn’t resit some rude posing with this beautiful lady)

During our rather sophisticated and grown up holiday we had two moments of excitement…

No.1 Jack getting rather drunk and went missing. Lost man drills resulted in running around slightly intoxiated wearing inside out clothing and finding Jack stood on the end of the Jetty telling us about the lightning in the distance and the fact he was going to go for a swim….no Jack you’re not. Bed. Now.

No.2 I think I ate too much on holiday. Giving it large and doing the biggest ‘Cannonnnnn-bombbbbb’ into the pool resulted in hurting my poor foot and breaking the pool…awkward!

I am a people person and I like being around people however I also like to spend time by myself. It was so beautiful sat here looking out to sea, listening to the waves, watching the fishes and being able to think about life and how grateful I am for my life. We all have our issues however there are worse off people than me.

Unfortunately we received some sad news and had to fly home early, however I had a lovely time. Corfu was beautiful and I will definitely return one day.

J,J,K,R x

Everyday man crush

I missed man crush Monday.

However I’m a single young lady so why can I only talk about hot men on a Monday.

Who’s your everyday man crush? Here’s a few of mine…..


Ben Affleck

Channing Tatum

David Beckham

Bernardo Velasco


(also sorry, don’t forget bae AKA Leo. “Never let go Jack”)

J x


Left on the shelf

I’m so very lucky to say that I have been in love. True, pure, genuine, lovey-dovey, cringey, sickly love. I would call ‘him’ my childhood sweetheart. Our four year relationship was special, it wasn’t always perfect however he was my first and only love. I suppose it still confuses me.

Aged 23, and single for 3 years I actually feel like I’ve been left on the shelf. In one sense I still feel like a spring chicken, as immature as ever, loads of time to meet someone….right? However by 30 I want to be married, house, hot husband, triplets, baby on the way, farm, dogs, ducks, walk in wardrobe, Range Rover, travelled the world…hmmm not as much time as I first thought.

The problems I’ve got….
No.1: actually meeting someone
No.2: giving them a chance and finally
No.3: trusting them.

Sounds simple right? Life isn’t simple….

In conclusion I’m 23 and never going to meet anyone, I’m officially left on the shelf.

(How hot is he ^^^^^^^^^^)

J x